What Are Temporary Buildings and How Are They Changing the World?

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Temporary buildings are structures that are made of less expensive materials such as PVC, fabric, wood panels, steel, or any other material that is not considered permanent. They are common these days in different sectors and the benefits they bring have completely changed the world.

There are numerous temporary structure providers who design and fabricate innovative temporary buildings made of different materials. They can either make bespoke structures to suit your business or organization’s needs or make modular structures that are ready for sale or rent.

If you are wondering how these structures have changed the world, then you are in the right place because this is what we will discuss here.

Sectors that Use Temporary Buildings

Temporary buildings have been a game-changer around the world. They provide a sustainable temporary structural solution to many sectors and their popularity is increasing by the day. Here are the different sectors that frequently use temporary buildings right now.

  • Businesses and factories – Manufacturing companies, product processing industries, warehousing, logistic businesses, and many other businesses use temporary buildings for their operations and storage. You have probably seen large logistic businesses using dome-shaped industrial tents, clear span structures, or temporary steel structures.
  • Health sector – Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many health centers have started using temporary structures to expand their space to cater to social distance needs, create isolation centers, and make more rooms for patients. Temporary structures in the health sector are usually made of steel frames and panels that are completely fitted with amenities such as light, ventilation, infrastructure cabling, and others.
  • Education sector – Have you seen temporary classrooms that can be lifted to school compounds? Such a structure is just an example of temporary buildings for schools. Temporary stores, halls, and offices are also common in these institutions. Do you have a school that needs temporary structures? You should click here for info on the best structure in the UK and other parts of the world.
  • Government and military sector – Although the military has used temporary tents since time immemorial, the other government sectors have jumped on the bandwagon. So, you are more likely to see a tent-like courtroom, government halls, and other public service structures.
  • Agricultural Sector – Both small-scale and large-scale farmers use temporary buildings to store farm products, and equipment, park their vehicles, and even provide accommodations to workers if they have a big ranch. Greenhouses and conditioned farming structures are also made of temporary materials.

Benefits of Temporary Buildings

You can only understand how temporary buildings have changed the world by looking at the major benefits. These structures are popular because they save money and time during construction and maintenance. Experts claim that they can save 30-40% on structural cost and a lot of time because they can be set up in less than a month no matter how big they are.

These structures are also eco-friendly because most are made of recycled materials and the structures can be reused several times. Some can be moved from one location to another by just lifting and placing them on site. Hence, they do not disturb the site a lot since they do not need a lot of excavation. It is worth noting that they come with eco-friendly amenities such as green energy, air-cons, and others.

Lastly, you should know that temporary buildings are flexible and versatile because they can be moved or reused for other purposes. This is one of the reasons why many organizations are using them now.


If you have been wondering whether or not it is possible to use temporary buildings, then you have the right answer with you. These structures are a game-changer in the world for many reasons. They are going to be the go-to solutions for almost all businesses in the near future.