Top 5 tips on saving fuel in construction equipment

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Were you aware that equipment idling for 10 minutes per day wastes 24.6 gallons of fuel per year, per unit? Me either. Gets you to thinking about that idle equipment that is running right now whose operator has gone for lunch doesn’t it.

Look at it this way; if, a piece of heavy equipment sits idle half the time of an operator’s shift. That cuts off idle time in half. As a result, 5 years of the same would mean minus 500 in engine hours. This, in turn decreases service and repair costs 5-10%. As a result, the equipment’s value increases. See how much difference that makes?

Now, how to go about achieving this is a whole other ball-game. And that is why we are here. Outlined below are tips that you should consider in order to get to that point where you do not have to worry about filling another tank.

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Limit Idle Times Prior to Startup and Shutdown

It goes without saying that an equipment running while idle is misusing fuel. Furthermore, heavy machinery manufacturers have modernized the engines. The new engines are more efficient than most previous models. This means that machines can be put to use and/or shut down almost immediately without wasting fuel.

Reduce Driving Speeds

Most construction sites don’t usually have large unoccupied areas. As such, it is only logical to drive and a considerable pace. This will not only prevent the excess use of fuel, but also help reduce air emissions from the fuel.

Maintain Proper Tyre Pressure

A tyre carries only 6%of the vehicle’s load. That means the air inside is what matters as it supports 94 % of the vehicle’s weight. That you are putting that much trust on pressure, you should make sure that everything is okay. Make sure to inspect regularly to avoid unnecessary wastage of fuel.