10 Steps to Boost Your Sales Process

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Every construction business owner’s goal is to win more work at higher margins against fewer competitors. This helps in the boost of sales process. In order to develop a steady sales pipeline with high-margin customers you must make a commitment to getting work done.

Focus on Getting More Work

Profitable construction business owners hold monthly sales strategy meetings. In these, they review their sales, award tracking results and focus on building customer relationships. Ideally, they make sure their company sales plan is operating on a continual basis. Most importantly, they concentrate on proactive follow-up after submitting every bid and proposal.

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Customer list from the target market

In order to keep the sales pipeline full, you need to have written customer target list to reach out to on a regular basis. The list is to help you determine how best to convince them to hire your company more frequently. Identify the sales activity that will improve your chances of winning work with past customers.

Company Website

Your website should show what your company does best. It must list out the services your company offers and why customers should hire your company. It must also be a resource center to help your customers solve their problems.

Sales Pitch

You should come up with a killer sales pitch that reels in customers, no questions asked. The ideal sales pitch would give potential customers the feeling that they need you. They need the services you are providing. And that even though there may be companies that offer similar services yours beat them by far.

Advertise & Invest in Social Media

Advertising is how you let people know who you are, what you do and where to get you. A good advertisement strategy has the capability of attracting potential customers. As such, be sure to invest in unique ways to promote your company image. There should also be consistency in the same. A customer is likely to remember the ad that ran thrice in a day, and more so if it had wither a catchy phrase or jiggle.