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13-Point Guide To Hiring A Tradie In Melbourne By APMG Services

When you need to hire a tradie in Melbourne, you want to choose from a wide variety of licensed and skilled trade services, including painting, plumbing, carpentry and flooring. APMG Services are experts in residential and commercial projects in Melbourne, plus project management and handyman services to cover all property maintenance needs.

APMG knows that choosing the right tradie for a job is a priority. Not only do they need to be qualified, but they must also fit your budget. So the experts at APMG Services have put together the following guide to hiring the best tradie for your construction, renovation or maintenance needs.

Let’s dive in!

1. Do your research and find a contractor you like

Spend some time finding a tradie that has the right qualifications and experience for your project as well as fitting within your budget range. Do some research on each tradesman you consider! This ensures all service providers meet high standards.

Avoid hiring someone without checking out what other people think about them first – check their online reviews!

2. Find out what they charge for the job and use this as a baseline for comparison

Contact each company and be specific about the work you want to be done. You need to know what you want before requesting a quote from a tradesperson.

Once you receive a quote, check the pricing and availability information. You can then go ahead and book someone to do the job or look elsewhere!

If you have any questions about a tradie, get in touch with them before making a decision.

3. Get quotes from at least 3 contractors and ask them about their experience with your type of project

It is worthwhile getting at least three quotes because not all contractors have the same rates.

Tradies should be reliable, experienced and insured. Check for excellent references before you consider them.

Tradies chosen by APMG must meet our high standards of experience and safety – we value customer satisfaction above everything else!

4. Ask each contractor to provide you with references

Make sure these are people who have had similar jobs done recently. You want to contact previous clients and enquire about:

  • The quality of work the tradie delivered
  • How long they needed to complete the job
  • If there were any problems or delays during the project

5. If possible, ask friends or family members if they know any tradies in Melbourne that they would recommend

This will help save time and money on finding someone! Plus, you’ll be able to ask them any questions you might have about pricing. A personal referral is usually the best way to find someone you can trust.

6. Trust your gut instinct when choosing which tradie to hire

By all means, consider the price and quality of the work they do, but don’t forget to factor in if they are easy to deal with. If the tradie has to work in your home, you want to feel comfortable with the person working there.

It is worth asking for some form of insurance to cover any damage they might do while completing their work. This will give you peace of mind!

7. Make sure that all contract terms are clear before signing anything, so there is no confusion later on

The only way to avoid any misunderstanding or surprises is to be clear about everything before work begins. Make sure everything you agree with the trade is in writing and that there is no confusion.

If you are not sure about anything, talk to the tradie and make sure that they explain what is involved in each part of the job. That way, both of you know what needs doing before starting any work.

Although it might seem like a good idea at first, hiring an apprentice may cost more than expected if things go wrong due to their inexperience! Always ask for proof of qualifications when looking for tradespeople!

Make sure everything has been agreed upon with your tradie before signing off on anything or paying them because mistakes can happen quickly without notice. If something does go wrong, don’t pay until all issues have been resolved satisfactorily.

8. Check out reviews online before hiring a tradie so you can benefit from the experience of others!

Verify their website and social media accounts to see if they have the necessary qualifications and experience.

The main things to look for in tradespeople are:

  • Experience/qualifications and proof of insurance
  • Make sure you get it all covered legally within your contract before signing anything!

In Australia, there is a Federal Government body that licenses tradies. It is called the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). It makes this part easier because at least the tradie has met the licensing requirements. This should also include holding public liability insurance. Make sure everything is correct with their documentation or, better yet, ask them directly what type of licence they have. That way, you know exactly where you stand when hiring any tradespeople, no matter how big or small the job is!

9. Follow up regularly to see how things are going and offer feedback where needed (good or bad!)

Do not just leave the tradie to get on with the job. Check frequently to make sure that the tradie is doing what you have asked. If something is not getting done or taking too long, a gentle reminder should get things moving along again.

Make sure nothing slips through the cracks by checking in frequently throughout the process! Notify your contractor of any changes that may affect their work schedule.

10. Be nice

It’s always better to be polite than aggressive when dealing with tradespeople because it makes everything easier. Plus, if you explain everything clearly and politely, it’s much more likely that you’ll get what you want.

11. Keep your home safe!

When the work is being carried out in your house or business premises, keep all areas clear of obstruction so that work goes smoothly without any problems arising. This means removing anything from floors and placing items away when not needed.

12. Be open-minded

Don’t be stubborn about making changes to plans if something doesn’t look as you imagined upon installation or something goes wrong or gets damaged during the construction process. If this happens, discuss with the tradie how best to deal with it.

13. Always be prompt with payment once work has been completed

Payment terms should be agreed on beforehand. Honour them once the work is done to your satisfaction. This ensures that workers will want to come back again in the future.

Let’s recap…

When hiring someone for your home or business project, they should have experience working with your type of building or construction work. This ensures that quality and safety is maintained. Moreover, it pays to research contractors ahead of time, so you know who has an excellent reputation for their craftsmanship and customer service skills.

Do you have any tips for hiring a tradie? Leave a comment – we love to hear from you!

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