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Artificial sand in construction industry

With the development of society and the increase of population, the scale of urban construction is constantly expanding.

The speed of sand and gravel mining currently exceeds the rate of natural recovery. As a result, the sand on the earth is seriously missing. The desert accounts for 20% of the land surface area on the earth.

Can thousands of tons of sand in the desert be used as construction materials? The answer is no. Because the sand in the desert often rolls due to the wind, it appears round, and the particles are small, and the water absorption and fixability are poor. So it is difficult to serve as a building material.

Although river sand is said to be the most suitable material for construction, the sand currently available for construction materials has been severely lacking. If the river sand is over-exploited, it will cause deep pits everywhere on the river bed, and the water flow will easily turn into a vortex, causing damage to the ecological environment.

It is because of this that countries will prohibit the arbitrary exploitation of river sand, both for environmental protection and safety. Of course, environmental factors account for a larger proportion.

If there is no river sand, how to build a building? and how to carry out road construction works? With the development of society, there are now alternatives to river sand. River sand is no longer the traditional salvaged sand, but artificial sand made of various ore, river pebbles, and pebbles.

Artificial sand

Artificial sand can completely replace natural sand. Many large-scale construction projects use various artificial sands, which has promoted the rapid development of the industry. New Building Material-Artificial Sand Artificial sand is also called machine sand. It is sand processed by sand making machines and other sand making equipment. The finished product is more regular.

It can be processed into different rules and sizes according to different process requirements, which can better meet daily needs. Artificial sand requires professional equipment to produce qualified and suitable sand and stones, and its professional equipment is a sand making machine.

In recent years, the construction industry of various countries has achieved rapid development, thanks to the application of sand making machines, which can better provide various types of high-quality aggregates for the construction industry. For the development of the construction industry, this not only effectively improves its production efficiency but also improves the quality of the project.

At the same time, the cost is very low and a popular feature is that during the construction of the project, sandstone is an important part of the concrete structure material. The quality of artificial sand has a significant impact on the quality and durability of the entire project.


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