3 must dos to get your project teamwork right

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When we talk of teamwork it almost always will conjure up images of hanging ropes, and imaginative games. Why is this? This is because we have all been to those team building sessions where a wonderful sense of camaraderie is established between people and everyone leaves feeling they have become the best of friends. But back at the office the impact soon wears off and everyone takes up their old positions defending their turf. The problem is that we sometimes think that team building equates to teamwork but this is not the case. Teamwork is an everyday thing that should permeate throughout the whole organization.

The first thing you need to do is ensure that teams are aware of how to systematically approach problems. They shouldn’t be left on their own to figure out how to work together otherwise they will waste a lot of time. It also goes without saying that the team must have a clear objective

Secondly make work fun. No one likes boring engagements in which everyone is tense and not relaxed. Have ice breakers before meetings to relax the atmosphere. A little laugh goes a long way in easing tensions. In addition have outings for the teams to meet informally.

Thirdly celebrate wins as a team and give out tokens to members that helps them identify themselves with the team. T-shirts are a good idea that comes to mind.

Remember if you place emphasis on teams you will breed a teamwork culture but if emphasis is on the individual that’s what you’ll get as well.