Top 5 ways to help you manage your Millennial Employees

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Have you been complaining alot about those 20 to 30 something year olds who are in your construction company? Cant understand them? They seem to be so restless and disloyal jumping without a thought into the competitions camp?

It’s quite obvious that when one hears of the term MILLENNIAL person what comes to mind is the lazy, less motivated kind of person.
The millennial generation has its own kind of trends and they have always drawn a ban reputation in their work place and most managers don’t like hiring them and that’s you see job available for people with 15 years experience meaning they will do away with the age bracket 20s .
Some facts about the Millennials they were brought up around technology when technology ruled everything, in fact mobile connectivity, social networking, and flexibility are ingrained in their behaviors.
Most managers have found it hard to manage employees at their mid 20s or upto early 30s because they found them to be rebellious and really hard to motivate compared to older generations.
But as a manager you should have tips on how you will manage the millennial employees and get the best out of them and work to your advantage and the company as a whole.
1) You should Define Your Purpose
The day you decided to employ the millennial employee you obviously knew what he wants is his work to matter. What he wants is what he is doing to make a difference even if it’s in a small way therefore as a manager you should define your purpose on day one. Let your employee know why his work matters and let him know that by doing that he will earn more or get promotions.

2) Be that Helicopter Manager
No doubt the millennial age grew up and was brought up by helicopter parents who used to make follow up on the now and again both in school and home.
They are used to be under consistent follow up and having close supervision is a doze to them, therefore try to create goals for them and always stay close and give them the support needed to see them perform the goals set by you.

3) Give them Opportunities
They are young of coz and most probably they are ongoing with college or out of college and what they need is to put their fresh minds into work.
Therefore as a manager you should wants that opportunity , provide them an environment that will help them learn new skills , know how to relate with other colleagues and above all them the room for them to fly wings as they grow in terms of carrier.

4) Encourage Flexibility
Very many managers really fear flexibility in the workplace like how wills your business exposed to and how the job will get done in the right way.
Though as I said early on the as much as you become an helicopter manager you should give them a breathing space that will make them work at ease.