1st phase construction of South Quay Marine Terminal project in US commences

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The first phase of the South Quay Marine Terminal project has officially been launched. The terminal is meant to serve as a staging place for offshore wind projects in the US Northeast. Rhode Island Governor Dan McKee and East Providence Mayor Bob DaSilva launched the project.

The South Quay Marine Terminal project is aided by USD 35 million in funding. This is the amount allocated by the Governor of the City of East Providence in his FY2023 budget and American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) spending plan. However, the budget was announced at the beginning of this year.

A huge integrated intermodal shipping terminal will be built as part of the South Quay Marine Terminal project. This is on an undeveloped site in East Providence. Thus, it will be able to accommodate the offshore wind sector.

The South Quay Marine Terminal’s waterfront part will be developed by the City of East Providence, RI Waterfront Enterprises, and RI Commerce. This is under the financing set for Phase 1.

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The South Quay Marine Terminal project details

A 525-foot port with a cofferdam bulkhead and a concrete platform is part of the first phase of construction. It can hold two barges or a large vessel such as an offshore wind installation vessel. The construction will also involve fendering, bollards, and water service at the bulkhead. This will help to handle these enormous vessels.

After the Phase 1 works are finished, the terminal will also feature a sizable laydown area in the uplands behind the bulkhead for the storage of materials and components. Additional grading and site improvements will also be part of the work.

By the end of the decade, there will likely be a number of offshore wind farms on the US East Coast thanks to the Biden-Harris Administration’s goal of installing 30 GW of offshore wind in federal seas. According to the Rhode Island Government, the Massachusetts and New York Wind Lease Areas will depend on locations like these. This is mostly for manufacturing, storage, and construction. They are 75 nautical miles away from the South Quay Marine Terminal.