84.7bn set aside for Makonde plateau water project in Tanzania

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The Tanzanian government recently allocated 84.7 billion shillings to the Makonde plateau water project in the Mtwara Region, for the construction and rehabilitation of water infrastructure.

The scheme is expected to carry out the government’s pledge to improve the region’s public water supply and put an end to water shortages. Since most of the equipment is outdated, the water scheme is currently undergoing a crisis with its water infrastructure. The scheme is in the Mitema area of the Newala District.

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Eng Bwire, the director of the Water Authority Makonde Plateau Project, revealed that the authority has already received $12.7 billion to carry out the project.

The Makonde plateau water project provides services to people from four towns in the Mtwara Region. These towns include Newala, Tandahimba, and Nanyamba Town Council. It will also serve numerous scattered homesteads.

The Makonde plateau water project’s contractor

China Civil Engineering Construction Company, according to Eng Bwire, is responsible for constructing and rehabilitating the infrastructure. Bwire claimed that upgrading the infrastructure would enable the scheme to boost water production. Additionally, it will ease the public’s water shortage.

The scheme produces 65 million liters per day. According to him, residents of Tandahimba, Newala, and also Nanyamba demand about 25 million liters of water each day.

Capt. George Mkuchika, Minister of State President’s Office (Special Duties), lauded the government for opting to rehabilitate the infrastructure of the Makonde plateau water project. He also noted that the move will improve Newala residents’ access to the water supply.

Capt. Mkuchika is also a member of parliament for the Newala Urban Constituency. He claimed that the area’s shortage of water supply was down to the Water Project’s aging infrastructure.

The Minister said that he appreciated President Samia Suluhu Hassan for providing the funds. He stated that the rehabilitation of the infrastructure will offer rather enough clean water supplies to the people of Makonde. It is said that women suffer the most in the midst of the water crisis.