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Asphalting works of Nkolmesseng road network in Yaoundé, Cameroon, launched

The Minister of Housing and Urban Development (Minhdu) in Cameroon, Célestine Ketcha Courtès, recently launched asphalting works of Nkolmesseng road network in Yaoundé.

The asphalting project concern the 6.7 km stretch from the Carrefour Lycée Bilingue – Carrefour Momebelengal – Carrefour Ottou to Carrefour Tradex Eleveur. This section will be two carriageways of two traffic lanes each, separated by a central median that will be two meters wide and it will have sidewalks, street lighting, as well as trees that will be planted along the corridor.

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The project also includes a second section that will be a two-lane roadway with a linear length is 1.7 km, from the Carrefour Safari to the Carrefour Tradex Eleveur through the locality of Chez le chef.

Contracts for the first section of the project have already been awarded while for the second section, a call for tenders has been launched.

Construction of two more sections in the pipeline 

Construction of two additional sections in the Nkolmesseng district is also in the pipeline and is scheduled for 2022.

The first of the two additional sections, a 1.4 km stretch will begin at the Carrefour Safari – Carrefour Fabrique – Carrefour Mebecity, towards Minboman, while the second section, a 1.2 km stretch will start from Carrefour Momebelengal to Carrefour Fabrique.

Asphalting works of Oyom –Abang road network

The asphalting works of Nkolmesseng road network will be carried out alongside Oyom –Abang road network.

In Oyom –Abang, the project concern a 2.6 km section from Carrefour Petit marché d’Oyom – Abang – Leboudi road intersection, a 1.3 km section from Carrefour Camp Sonel to Carrefour Evouna Bella, and a third section of 1.6 km, from Carrefour Center Oyom – Abang to Carrefour Nkolbisson.

Each of the three road sections in Oyom –Abang will be a two-lane carriageway with a width of 3.5.

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