Balfour Beatty to develop small modular nuclear reactors in the UK

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Balfour Beatty has partnered with American and South Korean businesses in order to develop small modular nuclear reactors in the UK. The company has signed an agreement with US energy equipment supplier Holtec and Korea’s Hyundai Engineering & Construction (HDEC). Thus, they will promote the building of Holtec’s SMR-160 pressurised light-water reactors in the region.

Balfour Beatty is the primary UK construction partner. They will work with HDEC on the civil construction, installation of the mechanical, electrical, heating, ventilation, and cooling systems. This is as well as the equipment needed for the SMR-160 reactors from Holtec International. Holtec International intends to begin the SMR-160 reactors’ UK regulatory acceptance process in 2023. If approved, the first unit in the UK could begin construction by 2028.

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Construction of small modular nuclear reactors in the UK

“We look forward to working with Holtec International to advance clean energy solutions,” said Stephen Tarr, chief executive for major projects in the transportation, energy, and power sectors at Balfour Beatty. Our collaboration will expand on our extensive knowledge and skills in executing nuclear projects. In the end, we’ll support the UK’s move toward a net-zero future.

Richard Springman, senior vice president of Holtec International, stated: “As it navigates this energy crisis, the United Kingdom is at a turning point. Future generations in the UK will live and work differently as a result of the choices made today. Additionally, it will increase the overall viability of its economy. I believe that in order to ensure the security of carbon-free energy in ten years, we will need multiple, complementary nuclear power plant designs based on tested pressurised water reactor (PWR) technology that is already in operation in the United Kingdom; and we must start now.”