Child Focus to renovate teachers’ houses in Balaka, Malawi

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A non-governmental group in Balaka has started a project to rebuild teachers’ homes at the district’s Sosola Primary School. During the Saturday launch of the remodeling project, Thomas Sendeza, Executive Director of Child Focus, said his group had been inspecting the condition at the school and had discovered that some instructors lacked proper housing.

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Creating Locker Rooms For the School

He went on to say that during the inspection, the school headmaster and the school management committee urged the organization to assist the school with the repair of the teachers’ homes and the creation of a single changing room for the girls to change their sanitary pads while at school.

Seneza stated that they had been inspecting the situation for so long and found that some teachers lack good houses. It is for this reason why that the project was launched. It will not only involve renovating teachers’ homes but will also “construct five toilets for boys and one changing room, a room which will allow girls to change their sanitary pads while here at school, thereby minimizing absenteeism which comes among girls the time they are on their period,” he said.

Providing Adequate Housing for Teachers

According to Sendeza, there are 36 teachers at Sosola Primary School, but only three live on campus due to a lack of teacher housing. He went on to say that teachers play a critical part in Malawi’s development and that they, too, require adequate housing to carry out their responsibilities effectively. He went on to say that there are four additional teachers’ residences at the school that need to be refurbished. He then appealed to well-wishers to join the movement, noting that their organization is experiencing financial difficulties. Jean Mapwesera, the Head Teacher of Sosola Primary School, praised Child Focus Organization for the school’s renovations in her remarks.

Sosola Primary School has over 916 students and a small number of bathrooms that aren’t in excellent working order. The restrooms are in poor condition and should not be used by students. The World Connect Malawi organization is funding the refurbishment of the teachers’ homes and toilets. Child Focus is a recognized youth-led non-governmental organization that works to improve the learning environment for impoverished children in Malawi’s neglected communities. Education, Sexual Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR), and the environment are three of the organization’s key focal areas.

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