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China aims to construct international road transport system by 2020

China seeks to construct an open, modern and efficient international road system by 2020 to facilitate international transport and strengthen connectivity among countries along the Belt and Road,a senior official of the Ministry of Transport has revealed.

Mr Wang Shuiping said that China will advance transport infrastructure construction along the Belt and Road, improve customs clearance efficiency and strengthen emergency rescue capabilities to facilitate international transport.

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The move is aimed to develop economic corridors with countries along the Belt and Road, reduce cross-border transport costs and improve transport services and efficiency said Mr Shuiping.

Proposed by China in 2013, the Belt and Road is an infrastructure and trade network aiming to connect Asia with Europe and Africa along ancient trade routes.

Regions along the Belt and Road account for 63 percent of the global population and 29 percent of the global economy, statistics show.

According to the Chinese government officials they are currently in talk with various government officials so that they can carry out the project by 2020.

The officials added that the project will be one of Kind as it will upgrade the way Africa conducts business and above all improve the trade system.

“Africa is on the growth and having a more transport system will ensure that transport within the borders is eased up at a lower cost and we will do that by the year 2020” he added
This will be one the biggest project that China will be carrying out in Africa after having numerous projects ongoing in many countries.

Once the project complete China will be having the largest portfolio in Africa in terms road construction compared to very many countries eying in Africa.

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