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Construction of first Concentrating Solar Power plant in Morocco on track

The construction of Morocco’s first ever Concentrating Solar power plant in Morocco is currently on good progress and is expected to end on time.

According to the Enerray officials who are in charge of the project they expect it to end on the time set .

The project which is located in Ben Guerir, Ville Vert Mohammed VI, Green Energy Park site, 70 km from Marrakech was started one year ago and is expected to be completed in few Months time.

Enneray won the tender published by IRESEN (Institut de Recherche en Energie Solaire et en Energie Nouvelles) related to the realization of a 1 MW Plant with unique and innovative features for the Country.

The project is being financed by OCP (Office Chérifien des Phosphates), world’s leading producer of phosphate rock and derivatives, and is aimed at studying the productivity and reliability for a future application in its mines.

Besides this Plant, Enerray has already installed a small PTC (Parabolic Trough Concentrator) with parabolic mirrors: this has been done for the solely purpose of analysis and research.
CSP-ORC System is usually applied in industrial applications and processes in order to generate heat and electricity.

CSP-LFC technology coverts solar radiation into thermal energy thanks to a concentrator made of flat reflective surfaces (Fresnel Mirrors) which focus sun’s rays on a receiver (Receiver Tube), in which there’s a special fluid for heat storage (Thermovector Fluid – in this case Diathermic Oil). Concentrator and Receiver create the Solar Collector, provided with a tracking system that allows it to follow the apparent motion of the sun.


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