Construction of Basse Bridge in The Gambia to be completed in August 2021

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Construction of Basse bridge and roads in The Gambia are set to be completed in August 2021, the contractor has confirmed. When complete, the bridge and roads are expected to provide vital access in connecting communities, goods and services of the entire districts in the region. The bridge, which is 80% complete is also expected to provide easy access for people to connect the Laminkoto-Passamas road.

According to President Adama Barrow, the government is making history because this is huge for the people of this area and key for the people of The Gambia. “Nobody thought this area would be constructed. However, today everybody has seen us crossing through this bridge. This is a fact that nobody will dispute. I want to sincerely thank you people for the good work that’s ongoing here. It’s connecting the north and the south of URR on trades, communication and health and even the sub-region among others,” he said.

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Improved efficiency

President Barrow further added that, after the completion of the bridge, communities around the area will not need to use the south bank road to travel up to Farafenni. “You will just come to Basse and cross the bridge and use the Laminkoto-Passamas road. This route is short. In fact, it’s 70km shorter than the south route,” he said.

“I want to thank the people of China and the personnel who are currently constructing the Basse bridge. We are very proud of you. This project will make a huge difference in the lives of Gambians. I am also proud as a president, because I come from this region. I grew up here. I used to cross this place to go to fetch firewood from the other end of the river,” said president Barrow.