Construction of Kisumu-Kakamega road Mamboleo flyover to be completed in July

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The construction of the Kisumu-Kakamega road mamboleo flyover is set for completion by July this year. This is according to Kenya National Highways Authority Nyanza regional director Eng. Julius Mak’Oderoh.

The project’s construction is currently 97 percent complete. The remaining section of the road needs Sh300 million to be completed, according to the KeNHA Nyanza regional director.

Delay of the Kisumu-Kakamega road Mamboleo flyover

Eng. Mak’Oderoh also revealed that a number of factors led to the first contractor’s dismissal. The construction of the road at the Ahero interchange has also been a huge issue according to the engineer. “The interchange,” he said, “has been a subject of concern for the locals as well as the government. Also, he promised that the roads would soon be completed.

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Mak’Oderoh stated that the second contractor who was given the deal halted it midway. This was due to the inadequacy of the exchequer. Before being made available for use by the general public, the regional director stated that the road required one more layer and chipping. He assured that the organization was working to see that all projects were completed.

Dealing with cleanliness  and accidents on the highway

After the demise of his predecessor in April last year, Mak’Oderoh assumed his new position. He has only been in office for a short time. Additionally, he said that in an effort to safeguard and maintain the cleanliness of the highways, KeNHA has been consulting with local cane milling companies.

This was in response to citizen complaints about the numerous self-inflicted accidents caused by tractors transporting cane to mills at the Kachok Flyover on the Kisumu-Nairobi highway. The millers have been asked on multiple occasions by Mak’Oderoh to advise their transporters to follow road rules and stop littering cane fragments on the road.