Construction of Tanzania’s CBE Girls’ hostel in Mbeya to cost 1.2 bn

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In an interview with the media, College of Business Education (CBE) Rector Professor Emmanuel Mjema said that they need 1.2 billion Shillings to build the proposed CBE Girls’ hostel in Mbeya. He made this statement in relation to the fundraising effort, which is scheduled to reach its peak on September 24 in Mbeya.

He claimed that in contrast to male students, who are less vulnerable when they stay off campus, they have opted to start with the construction of a girls’ hostel. According to him, Dr. Tulia Ackson, Speaker of the National Assembly, is the campus patron at CBE Mbeya and has led the charge in raising funding from various stakeholders to construct the anticipated girls’ hostel.

Many diploma and certificate students, according to Professor Mjema, are still in their adolescence stage, making it very challenging for them to stay off campus when pursuing their studies.

Why they opted to begin with the girls’ hostel in Mbeya first

The professor said that beginning with female hostels does not imply that they don’t care about the needs of male students, but they consider the fact that girls are much more vulnerable when living outside campus compared to boys. However, after this, they will continue with boys’ hostels.

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He also claimed that the college had made efforts to contact various stakeholders, such as institutions and public and private organizations, in order to raise money for the hostel’s construction.

He stated that they have enlisted the support of honorable members of parliament who are significant stakeholders in the education sector. Mjema added that they would like to invite other well-wishers to work with them to realize their dreams for the benefit of girls.

He expressed his gratitude to the many stakeholders who have already made contributions and promised to do so for the fundraising effort.

Donors that have already made contributions to the project

Professor Mjema named several of the donors who have already made contributions. These include NMB, the Weigh and Measures Agency (WMA), and the Business Registration and Licensing Authority (BRELA).

The Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS), the National Housing Cooperation (NHC), St. John University, members of the CBE board, and CBE alumni as well as current students also contributed to the project.

Furthermore, the Mbeya Regional Commissioner, Mbeya, Juma Homera, granted $5,000,000 for the construction of the Girls’ hostel in Mbeya.