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Construction of US $150,000 Bridge in Grand Bassa, Liberia complete

Construction of a US $150,000 Bridge at Grand Bassa, in Wee Statutory District, Liberia is now complete. The bridge was constructed by, Grand Bassa County Representative Vicent Willie in partnership with the Liberia Agriculture Company and his constituents.

The bridge directly connects LAC plantation to the district’s most populous commercial area; the newly established Wayzohn City. When dedicated and officially opened to the public, residents of the LAC plantation and its surrounding communities will have easy access to Compound #3 Market, which is the busiest commercially hub in the district.

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Boost accessibility

Furthermore, residents of Wayzohn will have easy access to the LAC Hospital by moving sick people in less than 10 minutes as opposed to the one hour route via the plantation’s main entrance. Commercial bikers will also be able to commute passengers between LAC and Compound #3 easily as compare to the situation they face before the construction of the bridge. Motorbike riders were often constrained to offload passengers and their belongings and then pay extra fees to carry their bikes in bare hands across the makeshift plank crossing path.

The construction of the bridge is the first of its kind since the establishment of LAC plantation back in 1959, which is Liberia’s second-largest rubber plantation.

According to Representative Willie, the construction works are over and there is a backfilling ongoing, which will be followed by planting of grass and placement of concrete coverts to cancel or shelter running water along the bridge. He further added that the completion of the bridge is “one of his biggest achievements” so far for the benefit of the ordinary people who entrusted to lead.

Dennis Ayemba
Country/ Features Editor, Kenya


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