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Construction of US $5bn Angola-Zambia oil pipeline project to commence

Construction of Angola-Zambia oil pipeline projects set to commence. This is after Zambian Ambassador to Angola, Lawrence Chalungumana revealed that the sum US $5bn for the project has been made available.

A memorandum of understanding was last year signed between the two countries for the proposed project. Angola’s Minister for Oil and Mineral Resources, Diamantino Azevedo, signed the document, while the Zambian side was represented by its Energy Minister, Matthew Nkuwa.

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Angola-Zambia oil pipeline project

The 1,400‑km pipeline Angola-Zambia oil pipeline project, upon completion will will transport as much as 100,000 barrels oil equivalent a day of petrol, diesel and gas. According to Mr Chalungumana, the project will have five years duration and will be handled by the Zambian company Baseli Balisel Resources (BBLR) with the Angolan company Sonangol.

The pipeline project establishes the basis for cooperation in the oil and gas sector between the two countries. It will additionally see enhanced trade in oil, development of petroleum refinery infrastructure and capacity building for Zambia. For Angola, it would create a new regional destination for value-added refined oil products, which are, for the most part, currently exported as crude to countries outside Africa, such as China, India and the US.

“The installation of the new delivery system is vital to meet the current demand in Zambia and the sub region and also prepare for consumption in the long term. Zambia currently has one pipeline which transports its petroleum products from the port of Dar el salaam in Tanzania to Indeni Refiner in Ndola,” said Diamantino Azevedo, Angola’s minister of Mineral Resources and Oil.

“The conclusion of these works will also facilitate the construction of roads and railways to connect neighboring countries,” he added.



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