Construction on Nu Way’s Troy Rebar Fabrication Facility in Illinois begins

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The construction of a new Troy Rebar Fabrication Facility in Illinois for Nu Way, a 67-year-old, family-owned, business, commenced. The works are being carried out by Contegra Construction. 

The 35,000-square-foot  facility is being built due to the significant demand for the widely used reinforcing steel known as Rebar. Consequently, the developing company has formed a new division dubbed NuWay FAB to handle operations at the new facility.

As one of the biggest construction material suppliers in St. Louis, Nu way intends to quadruple its current rebar production tonnage. To achieve this goal, the new Troy Rebar Fabrication Facility is expected to produce about 15,000 tons annually upon completion.

Additionally, the facility would also work on customizing rebar supplied by steel mills to suit various construction needs. Presently the company’s production tonnage for this year is at a record 3,100 tons and counting.

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Design plans for the Troy Rebar Fabrication Facility

Design plans for the Troy Rebar Fabrication Facility consist of a 31,000-square-foot fabrication shop and 4,000-square-foot office space. In addition, the office area is set up to provide amenities such as conference rooms and lunch rooms.

Several meetings and programs will take place at the conferences, which include presentations to customers and continuing education for employees. The developers expect the new facility to be completed by spring 2023.

Construction on the Rebar Facility is taking place at 2454 Formosa Road and it involves the use of tilt-up concrete panels. Furthermore, the contractors also plan on using a TPO roof, hosting three rooftop industrial HVAC units on top of the building.

While on the inside, the building features a 21-foot clear height fabrication area, consisting of three bays. However, each of these bays will produce rebar on 3.5-ton coils and up to 60-foot long straight lengths. Five drive-in doors will be available at the facility, along with three overhead cranes to serve each bay. 

Contegra will work alongside Vee-Jay Cement Contracting on the Rebar Fabrication Facility project. Other companies involved in the project include Illinois Electric Works and Affton Fabricating and Welding Company.