Construction to begin on ECH Youth Development Center in Missouri

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The new Every Child’s Hope (ECH) William N Dill Youth Development Center has officially begun construction in St Louis, Missouri, courtesy of KAI Design, which is serving as the architect, and KAI Build, which is providing construction contracting services. The new state-of-the-art facility will be 18,000 square feet in size, with a design that incorporates a new model of care in which families will be able to obtain all of the therapy and services they require in one place. ECH’s present 70-year-old residential facilities are inefficient and out of date when it comes to serving the requirements of adolescents and families, as well as the services that ECH offers.

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The facility is scheduled to open in 2022. The new facility, which will be built on ECH’s St. Louis site off St. Charles Rock Road, will house up to 30 adolescents for short-term residential treatment while also providing a new access point on ECH’s campus for hundreds of youth and families. There are 30 private bedrooms, family visiting spaces, and a safe and secure outdoor courtyard in the design. The facility’s design, which is based on best practices and building design research, also focuses on lowering stress and anxiety, increasing treatment results, and creating a therapeutic atmosphere for both those receiving and those providing care.

Commentary on the Missouri ECH Youth Development Center

“Six years ago, we started examining the performance of our residential treatment program and set out on a mission to find the finest treatment approach to assist children and families heal from serious trauma.” “I am convinced that when this building is finished, it will be the best institution in the state of Missouri, if not the country, for assisting traumatized children and families,” stated ECH CEO Michael Brennan.

“Through close collaboration with ECH’s board of directors and staff, we realized that family involvement in this sort of institution is critical to a youth’s recovery process,” stated KAI Enterprises CEO Michael Kennedy, Jr.