Construction well underway for VAI Resort in Phoenix, Arizona

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Construction of the VAI Resort in Phoenix, Arizona, is well underway and set for completion in late 2023. The development is located between Loop 101 and 95th Avenue, south of State Farm Stadium.

According to Grant Fisher, president of VAI Global Development, VAI Resort in Phoenix will comprise 1,200 hotel rooms and suites overall as well as maybe a residential component that may include timeshares or condominiums. The hotel section of the building, which will face the concert stage, just passed a construction milestone known as “topping out,” or installing the final structural beam, according to Fisher.

VAI Resort visitors to enjoy performances from the comfort of their rooms

Performance can be seen from a guest’s room at the hotel. This is because 160 of the rooms have balconies that face the event area. On the eighth story of the hotel will be a steakhouse with views of the theatre and an “entertainment flair,” according to Fisher. There will be enough for roughly 8,000 people at the musical venue, which will also contain VIP skyboxes and a deck surrounding the stage.

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Although no dates have been set, VAI is working on “some extremely large partnerships” for shows at the location. The idea is motivated by popular holiday spots including Miami, Mykonos, and Tulum. The neighborhood is named for the Greek beach Vai.

The featured water bodies at the VAI resort in Phoenix

The 6-acre swimming lagoon that will serve as the resort’s focal point has year-round, temperature-controlled white sand beaches. Fisher said that the total project will use around 50 million gallons of water, not counting the lagoon.

The company is currently calculating the precise amount that the lagoon will consume based on the depth of the pool. However, the designs have changed and the pool is now anticipated to be smaller than originally envisaged.

The lagoon was initially anticipated to require around 19 million gallons to fill. The pool will use 30 times less water than a golf course of the same size, according to city documents.