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Consultant Appointed for Route 66 Mixed-Use Project in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Route 66 mixed-use project that is set to be developed on 2 acres of land owned by the city of Tulsa at the intersection of Southwest Boulevard and Riverside Drive on the banks of the Arkansas River in Oklahoma now has a design and lead consultant. 

The city of Tulsa selected David Sharp the founder of Sharp Development for this position in a committee that included Jeannie Cue, a city councillor who also sits on the Route 66 Commission; Dennis Whitaker of the Tulsa Planning Office; Casey Stowe of the Tulsa Authority for Economic Opportunity; and Kara Joy McKee, representing the district where the project will be developed. 

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Among other developers who submitted proposals for the Route 66 mixed-use project, Sharp’s plan was chosen based on solid financial assumptions which assured the Committee that the project, the cost of which is approximately $25 million would be executed. The initial funding will be sourced from the city’s $5 million, 2006 sales tax program funds.

Features of the Route 66 mixed-use project

Designed by Selser Schaefer Architects the Route 66 mixed-use project features an interpretive centre, residential units, a hotel, rental space and a parking lot with a 200 car capacity. The building will stand at a height of six stories, with a proposed multi-storey car vending machine located in front of the 40-room hotel and interpretive centre looking over the historic Route 66. The exterior of the hotel and interpretive centre of the Route 66 mixed-use project will have an illuminated facade made out of neon.

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While a 17,000 square feet outdoor and amphitheatre space, facing the Arkansas River will be included on the second floor of the hotel and interpretive centre and this area will also feature a glass-enclosed event centre and restaurants. The ground floor will consist of themed retail components, which include bike rentals and other businesses. The top three floors of the six-storey building will be made up of 55 apartment units, including one-bedroom, two-bedroom and studio units.

The developers of the Route 66 mixed-use project are hopeful that the opening day for the Route 66 mixed-use project will coincide with the Route 66 centennial, which will be held sometime in mid-2026.

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