Cote d’Ivoire launches construction of urban roads in B?oumi

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The government of Cote d’Ivoire embodied by the Minister of Communication and Media, Sidi Tiémoko Touré who doubles up as the state’s administration spokesperson, launched the construction of urban roads in Béoumi, which will extend in the first phase over 2 km.

“The first phase of the road construction project in Béoumi concerns the development of 2 km of the track into bitumen standards which will then be completed at 5 km in the near future. The track will be 7m wide consisting of two lanes with shoulders of 1.5 meter and water drainage channels”, explained Alcide Yao, the chief of staff of the Ministry of Equipment and Road Maintenance.

The construction works, entirely financed by the Ivorian State to the tune of over US$ 2.8M, will be carried out by a company for a period of 2 months under the supervision of the National Bureau of Technical Studies (Bnetd).

Boost to the local economy

The realization of this project will boost the local economy and improve the living conditions of the populations by facilitating the transport of people and goods.

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Minister Sidi Touré, son of Béoumi, welcomed the advent of bitumen in the locality saying that this asphalting project is a job bonanza for young people. He also urged the people of Béoumi, to look to the future and turn their backs on violence because if they do not hold back development, malicious people will sell them the violence that will plague all local development.

On behalf of the populations, Jean-Marc Kouassi, mayor of Béoumi, thanked the government of the West African country led by President Alassane Ouattara for the actions taken in favor of the development of this commune from the construction of the bridges over the Bandama and Kan rivers, the drinking water supply project, the constitution of health centers, schools, the electrification of 98% of villages in the Béoumi department and now the asphalting of the urban road network.

On the sidelines of this ceremony, the asphalting of the Béoumi-Sakassou-Tiébissou section, approximately 80 km long, and the reshaping of 321 km of rural roads in the Béoumi department was also announced.