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Cross River Rail is a new 10.2-kilometer rail route that runs from Dutton Park to Bowen Hills, inner north-eastern suburbs in the City of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, with a total of 5.9 kilometers of twin tunnels beneath the Brisbane River and the CBD.

The Cross River Rail project is set to eliminate a bottleneck that limits the country’s ability to run more trains on the present rail network that is reaching capacity and confined by a single river crossing and just four inner-city stations, by constructing a second river crossing, enabling more trains to run more often, and combining with new roads and bus services to provide a turn-up-and-go public transportation system throughout South East Queensland.

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In total, the project will deliver four new underground stations at Boggo Road, Woolloongabba, Albert Street, and Roma Street; two upgraded stations at Dutton Park and Exhibition; six upgraded stations on Brisbane’s southside from Salisbury to Fairfield; and the development of three new Gold Coast stations.

This revolutionary project will improve Australia’s quality of life, assist her economy in continuing to thrive, create thousands of employment, and spark urban growth throughout South East Queensland.

Progress on the Cross River Rail Project

After TBM Merle broke through into the Northern Portal on December 17, 2021, Cross River Rail’s twin tunnels are now entirely excavated. The 5.9km twin tunnels currently connect Dutton Park to Bowen Hills and run beneath the Brisbane River and CBD. The northern cavern at Boggo Road is approaching completion, with nine of ten permanent lining pours completed, 29% of in situ concrete put, and 35% of reinforcing installed. Permanent lining work in the northern cavern and cross passageways resumed at Woolloongabba, while seven of the eleven back of house slabs were finished in the station box. The station box excavation on Albert Street is 90% complete. Work on the cavern bench and invert ground support is also proceeding, as is spoil disposal.

Excavation at the northern station entrance is ongoing, with 13,793 cubic meters (72 %) of spoil removed thus far. Cavern concreting at Roma Street resumed, with the invert slab 86% complete and the kickers 72 % complete. Lift overflow excavation has been finished in the station box, and the internal wall has been constructed in the services building. All retaining wall panels have been installed at the Exhibition, and the FRP superstructure steel girder manufacturing is % complete. At the Southern Portal, 607 (of 635) piles have been put, and capping beam pours are still underway, with 688 of 1,015 lineal meters finished thus far. The microtunnelling project is well underway, with the sixth and final drive already starting.

Excavation along the entrance is 92 % complete (55,000 of 60,000 cubic meters), and the precast roof deck on capping beams is 86 % complete (207 of 240). The inside walls of the Rail Traffic Crew Building at Mayne Yard are 50% complete while signaling roads 9-11 are 88 % complete. At Clapham Yard, 401m of drainage has been laid, and the RW620 piling portion has been completed. 70% of the platform 1 canopy and 60% of the platform 2/3 canopy have been erected at Yeronga.