Crystal Palace’s plans for Selhurst Park Main Stand upgrade gets approval

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Croydon councilors have accepted Crystal Palace Football Club’s updated planning application for Selhurst Park Main Stand upgrade. This has paved the way for the stadium’s transformation.

Croydon’s planning committee approved the application four years ago. However, it was delayed due to the COVID pandemic. Thus, the Club recently submitted minor changes to the scheme to comply with new London Plan requirements. This required new approval before planning permission could be granted and work could begin, as well as signing Section 106 agreements and Mayor’s Office approval.

The Selhurst Park Main Stand upgrade will enhance the experience during matches. Furthermore, it will provide new year-round community facilities at Selhurst Park, the Club’s home since 1924.

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Selhurst Park Main Stand upgrade will increase the number to over 34,000 seats

The design, inspired by the Club’s history, pays homage to the original Crystal Palace on Sydenham Hill. Consequently, it will increase the number from 26,000 to over 34,000 fans. None of the changes to the planning application will affect the plan’s size or scale. The changes are as follows:

  • Following the advice of a fire engineer, minor internal design changes were made. This included changes to the positions of doors and stair/lift cores, the introduction of another evacuation lift, and additional partitions to separate lobbies.
  • Minor external adjustments to the west elevation to reflect the revised positioning of ground floor entrances, as advised by a fire engineer.
  • Revisions to the landscaping system to reflect consultant advice on security, landscaping, and sustainable drainage, including a clear line of sight to the Fan Zone, the installation of on-site best urban drainage systems, and the retention of additional trees.

Once planning permission is formally granted, the Club can complete plans for the acquisition of six houses in Wooderson Close. This will lead to the relocation of residents. Furthermore, they will terminate ongoing negotiations with Sainsbury’s to acquire a piece of land needed for the development.