Decentralised solar energy systems commissioned in Senegal, Nigeria and Mali

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Kowry Energy has announced the successful commissioning of four decentralised solar energy systems in Nigeria, Senegal and Mali. In addition to increasing the expansion of local economies, the analysis of the data made available by these digitalized systems can offer solutions to drive demand management.

Kowry Energy designed a 10 kWp PV decentralized solar energy system with battery storage for Sud Solar Systems. It gives two public buildings and seven microbusinesses in the Bani village in southern Senegal access to clean, affordable electricity.

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The decentralised solar energy systems to support revenue-generating activities

The systems will support revenue-generating activities, in order to maximize the economic potential of the community.

Additionally, two 286kWp PV solar energy systems were designed for an Abuja food processing facility and a plastic recycling facility on behalf of Proserve Energy Services. However, this largely came from diesel generators, and it replaced 50% and virtually 100% of the demand, respectively. Together, the rooftop solar systems minimize CO2 emissions by 208,521 kg annually.

Furthermore, a 69kWp PV hybrid energy system with battery storage and a backup generator was commissioned for Access Energie in Mali. For 3,000 residents, 40 businesses, and ten governmental buildings, the project will supply dependable electricity.

According to Ndiarka Mbodji, CEO & Founder of Kowry Energy, nations throughout Africa have successfully recovered from the epidemic. But now have to deal with the unpredictability and challenges brought on by climate change, food insecurity, and water scarcity.

Mbodji said, “We have collaborated extensively with our clients to remove impractical hurdles to their local communities’ commercial growth. Clean, dependable power is the cornerstone of every economy and the source of long-term growth. These decentralised solar energy systems validate our idea and show how popular our special product is. We anticipate strengthening our ties with our clients and partners in West Africa and extending our reach throughout Africa.”