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Douala and Yaoundé Electricity Networks in Cameroon Set for Renovation

The Douala and Yaoundé electricity networks in Cameroon are set for renovation following an award of the contract for the implementation of the said project.

The contract in question was awarded to MBH Power Limited, a member of the Tolaram Group of Companies that focuses on EPC solutions in transmission and distribution, metering & energy audit, and turnkey solutions in conventional & non-conventional power generation.

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This information was revealed by Mbemi Nyaknga, the general manager of the Société Nationale de Transport de l’Electricité (National Electricity Transport Company, Sonatrel).

As per the contract, which is valued at US$ 17M excluding VAT, the Nigerian company will be responsible for the design, supply, and assembly of high voltage substations around Yaoundé and Douala cities, both of which are located in the southern region of Cameroon.

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The project is set to last for a period of not less than 12 months.

Expectations for the Douala and Yaoundé electricity networks renovation project

Supported by the World Bank, an international financial institution that provides loans and grants to the governments of low- and middle-income countries for the purpose of pursuing capital projects, the project in Douala will strengthen and stabilize the electricity transmission system by creating a 225 kV and 90 kV loop around the city, according to Sonatrel.

This will consequently secure the electricity supply, avoid voltage drops and reduce dependence on more expensive thermal electricity production.

In Yaoundé on the other hand, it will reinforce the electricity service, through the creation of Edéa-Nkolkoumou and Nkolkoumou-Nyom 2 interconnection link by a double line of 400 kV, and the construction of a loop of 225 kV and 90 kV around the city.

Just as in Douala, this will ensure a good distribution of the electricity supply, avoid voltage drops, and so forth.

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