Dougbeh lauds Jeety for construction of the first rubber factory in Liberia

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Liberian biomedical researcher Dougbeh has praised Jeety for the ongoing construction of the first rubber factory in Liberia. With a request for the production of condoms and gloves to fight infectious diseases.

Recall that the Jeety Rubber LLC Investment incentive agreement for the conversion of raw rubber into finished goods in Weala, Cinta Township in Margibi County was approved by the Liberian government via the 54th National Legislative some time ago.

The enterprise, whose full activities are short to begin in the nation, is controlled by renowned Indian business tycoon Mr. Upjit Singh Sachdeva, also known in Liberia as Jeety. Mr. Sachdeva serves as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Jeety Trading Corporation, a renowned importer and distributor of building supplies and hardware, as well as numerous other companies all throughout the nation.

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Remarks on the construction of the first rubber factory in Liberia

According to Dr. Nyan, the company’s current construction is a “dream come true” for Liberians who longed for such a factory. He noticed it while being given a tour of the rubber factory in Liberia by “Jeety” and over the weekend.

He expressed his extreme joy and thanks to the leading Indian business tycoon and his entire Liberian crew.

“We have been manufacturing rubber ever since we started claiming that this country needed a rubber industry. But we haven’t yet been able to make gloves. However, in order to avoid the spread of infectious diseases, I have begged him in my capacity as a medical petitioner to include the creation of gloves and condoms in his production,” Doctor Nyan said.

He pointed out that the production of gloves and condoms might significantly aid Liberia in the fight against infectious diseases. He added that Liberia might be able to act as a regional hub for supplying these commodities to West African countries.

Furthermore, he praised Sachdeva for his unwavering and exceptional charitable works and the contributions he continues to make to Liberian citizens. Especially the underprivileged people, the renowned Liberian physician and biomedical research scientist also praised him for his commitment to India.