Egypt Solar Desalination Plant Project proposed

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Egypt is soon to undertake a Solar Desalination Plant project that is slated to be one of the largest in the world once completed. This follows talks held between Metito Holdings Limited, Scatec also Orascom Construction and Egypt. The proposed project is said to cost $1.5 billion. This will also include a $2.5 billion initiative that entails sovereign fund to build more renewables powered facilities by the year 2025.
With only the Nile River being the main source of fresh water, it is said that the consortium’s proposed solar desalination plant project will be expected to produce as high as 1 million to 2 million cubic meters per day. The proposition from the consortium also includes a solar power center able to produce 400-megawatts.
Egypt is looking forward to host the global climate summit in November this year, is in haste to improve the country’s usage of fresh water. The country that currently has a population of 100 million people realistically needs to produce 114 billion cubic meters of water to meet its people’s needs, but the country’s natural resources can only produce half of the required amount. As a result, the country tackles the shortfall by importing extra food instead of carrying out irrigation projects and also recycles agricultural wastewater.

Solar Desalination Plant Project to boost power production

Egypt is looking forward to increase the proportion of electrical power it generates from the lasting resources to 20 percent in the course of 2022 since the solar park will be one of the biggest in the world.The Egyptian blooming green energy industry would be taken advantage of by the proposed solar desalination plant project.
Family business Metito begun functioning in 1958 as the beginning expert water treatment company in the middle East, according to its site. Talal Ghandour, an expert of Bank of America Corp., last year came to be taking care of director additionally chief financial venture policeman of the company begun by his uncle.
Hassan Allam Holding and Abdul Latif Jameel Energy and Environmental Services sent a deal aiming to develop a desalination plant that targets to produce almost 2.9million cubic meter of water per day by 2030.