Egypt Starts Development of Al-Warraq Island

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Progress is being made on the residential skyscrapers in Al-Warraq Island, which make up the majority of the most crucial stage of development. Its sole aim is to provide housing for the island’s residents that wish to return.

In addition, a portion of the service complex building has been constructed, along with new sewage. Other developments made are telecommunications and energy networks that prepare the way for Al-Warraq Island’s all-encompassing growth.

According to the Warraq Development Authority, which is a division of the Urban Communities Authority under the Ministry of Housing, it has acquired roughly 71 percent of the island through the voluntary sale of residents.

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The Warraq Development Authority was established by the Urban Communities Authority on the island to handle the entire oversight of the development process. At the moment, engineer Osama Shawky is in charge of the authority.

Overview of the Al-Warraq Island Project

Shawky claimed that in addition to signing a contract with the Gas Company to drill for and deliver gas to the island, water stations are also being established. The water stations are installed in order to provide water. As a result, the connection of utilities in preparation for the development of the city will proceed concurrently.

Furthermore, he clarified that his organization, the Warraq Development Authority, owns 71 percent of Al-Warraq Island. Additionally, he stated that the Warraq Development Authority bought the residents’ holdings on the island voluntarily.

According to Shawky, if a resident wants to own a home, there are amenities available. He promised that the government would supply all of the necessities for the people. Shawky believes if all of the necessities are provided, they wouldn’t need to leave the island.