Alamein desalination plant, Egypt: Installation of electrical equipment complete

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The installation of electrical distribution and automation solutions at the Alamein desalination plant, located in El Alamein town of Alexandria city, which is the second-largest in Egypt, is complete.

The equipment installation works at the seawater desalination plant were being carried out by Schneider Electric, a European multinational company providing energy and automation digital solutions for efficiency and sustainability.

EcoStruxure technology

In the Alamein desalination plant, the French headquartered industrial group has installed its EcoStruxure technology.

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This solution is an open, interoperable, ready-to-use platform, compatible with IoT (Internet of Things), enabling the automation of the electrical network of the plant. According to Schneider Electric, which is using this technology in several other projects across the North African country, its solution now enables the reverse osmosis plant to optimize its reliability and uptime, ensuring uninterrupted operation at peak times through the use of Internet-compatible devices and control software.

The system will therefore increase operational efficiency while at the same time reducing costs, two characteristics often reproached to desalination plants.

The Alamein desalination plant

The Alamein desalination plant project is being implemented by the Egyptian Ministry of Defense in partnership with Aqualia, a water management company owned by the citizen services group FCC and by the Australian ethical fund IFM Investors.

With a capacity of 150,000 m3 per day, the new facility will according to Ignacio de la Quintana, the director of Aqualia in Egypt, transform a large part of the country’s Mediterranean coastline, and ensure that the city and its surroundings have the water they need to develop.

He however revealed that the new city of New Alamein will very quickly need new facilities to supply drinking water to its population and tourists since the plant is designed to serve the needs of up to 3 million people only.