Construction of Bashteel Railway Station in Giza, Egypt starts

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The construction works on the proposed Bashteel Railway Station in Giza, Egypt, has begun. This is according to Hassan Allam Holding, local engineering, construction, and Infrastructure Company. The latter announced that it is undertaken the design and construction work for the station in question, in partnership with the Egyptian Ministry of Transport and the states’ Railways Authority.

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The project sits on an approximately 31,000 square meters piece of land between the Ramses and Giza railway stations and in close proximity to three main corridors namely the Ahmed Orabi Corridor, Sudan Street Corridor, and the Zomor Corridor.

Project overview

The project includes the construction of 22 kilometers of railways and tracks for the new line, alongside two main workshops for the maintenance and service of trains as well as other support facilities such as fuel tanks, water tanks, railway car washing machines, etc.

The main station building consists of a ground floor and two upper floors with an area of 66,500 square meters as administrative offices, and 24,000 square meters of shops.

The project is estimated to take about three years or its whereabouts to complete upon which the new Bashteel station will become the new main railway hub serving various parts of the North African Country.

Expectations for the future Bashteel Railway Station

Due to its strategic location, between two railway stations and near three main streets, the future Bashteel Railway Station is expected to serve as a gateway to Upper Egypt, reducing pressure on central train stations in terms of transportation, services, and maintenance, as well as help reduce traffic congestion inside the capital’s streets.

It will also raise the level of services provided inside train stations and therefore encourage the public to use community transport services.

Hassan Allam, the CEO of Hassan Allam Holding explained that the project is a part of the government’s efforts to develop the transportation system in Egypt and reduce the burden on citizens.