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Furniture City in Egypt to be constructed

The construction of Furniture City in Egypt has begun taking shape following  a meeting between  Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab and  Damietta Governor Ismail Taha to discuss on the implementation strategy on the  new city.

According to the prime minister the timetable for the project implementation should be set and kick off before the end of the year.

He said the project construction will be a major economic boost for  the region adding that currently the country relies its industrial importation from Middle East.

The governor presented Mahlab with a report on the steps taken to complete the project’s general plan. As many as 331 feddans have been allocated by the governorate for the project.

The governor added that they are in talks with the ministry of Housing and trade and other key investors to bring up their ideas to coordinate and facilitate the first steps of the furniture city construction.

According to Egypt’s minister for trade & industry Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour the project which is located 15km from the Mediterranean Sea, and 200km north of Cairo will span an area of 1.4sqm (331 feddan; 1 feddan = 0.42ha), and that the ministry is working to ensure speedy construction of the project.

Abdel added that the construction will be on the time frame that will be given and called upon the contractor to ensure that they deliver the project on time.

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