New Western Breakwater to be constructed in Egypt to protect New-Damietta Harbor

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A new Western Breakwater is set to be constructed in Egypt to protect the New-Damietta harbor and expand its ship capacity. Damietta Port Authority has signed an agreement with Hassan Allam Construction to carry out the project. The new western breakwater at the New-Damietta harbor is about 3600 Linear Meters, and it will consist of a core layer, first filtration, protection & filer layers, armor layer, tetrapod & precast concrete cube layer.

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Modernization of Damietta Port

The Project entails the construction of the basic infrastructure of a second container terminal in Damietta Port situated on the Egyptian Mediterranean coast, about 9 km from Damietta city. The port handles export of agricultural products, fertilizers and furniture, and import of goods such as petrochemicals, cement, grains and flour. The Project will be undertaken by Damietta Port Authority (DPA), a port landlord authority operating thirteen docks/berths and six terminals in the Damietta Port.

The operation of the second container terminal and investment in the superstructure, e.g. buildings and equipment, is expected to be undertaken by a private sector operator under a concession agreement to be signed with the DPA.

The Project is expected to improve the competitiveness of Damietta port by increasing the port’s berthing depth allowing larger ships to use the port as well as improving the efficiency of port handling services. The Project will also provide the platform needed for the further private sector involvement in the operation of the new container terminal under the concession contract. The new quay wall is expected to incorporate climate resilience measures to reduce the infrastructure’s vulnerability to rising sea levels.