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Expansion of the Shepherd Center Housing Facility in Atlanta

An expansion of the Shepherd Center Housing Facility in Atlanta is planned for 2.5 acre-site at 1860 Peachtree Rd., which was purchased for $20 million by Shepherd Center in 2018.  The project is intended to double the current housing units available at the facility for patients and their loved ones, which will provide them with about 160 donor-funded units, at no charge. This plan has been in the works since February 2020, but has undergone some changes since then. Shepherd Center plans to work with Rule Joy Trammell + Rubio, an architectural firm and Brasfield & Gorrie, as the contractor for this project.

16 story Shepherd Housing Facility to provide longer-term housing options for patients and family members

This expansion project will cover the construction of a new 16-story Shepherd Housing Facility which will span across 350,000-square-feet and house 160 additional housing units; this facility will offer longer-term housing options for patients undergoing treatment at the neuro-rehabilitation hospital, including the families of these patients. Shepherd center has also factored in green spaces and room for further developments into the expansion project; a significant amount of spaces have been set aside to eventually build a second tower, which will feature more housing units, clinical areas and office spaces. At the moment, the 152-bed hospital has only about 84 units available on its campus at 2020 Peachtree Road, which is just a block away and towards the north of this new site. 

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The President and CEO of Shepherd Center, Sarah Morrison spoke on the importance of the expanded housing options offered at the Shepherd Center Housing Facility which could play a crucial role to the outcomes of patients due to the support and encouragement  they receive from loved ones. Morrison mentioned that the types of injuries and ailments addressed at the center were quite challenging for both the patients and their entire families. She pointed out that the expanded housing offered a number of benefits which include keeping patients surrounded by the needed love and support from their families, and also providing a wide range of training and educational information to enable family members learn how to care for their loved ones after they return home.

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