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New details on the development of The Four Seasons Private Residences Project in Lake Austin, have been released by the founder of 1-800-Contacts, Jonathan Coon and his development team. This multimillion-dollar lakefront project will be executed by Canada-based Four Seasons Hotels and Resort in partnership with Austin Capital Partners, along with the Texas-based Hines Interests LP.

The Four Seasons Private Residences will be developed  on a 145-acre Camelback property, just west of  the famous Pennybacker Bridge and will offer views of the limestone cliffs and densely forested ridge, rising up to 380 feet above the water.

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Four Seasons Private Residences to be developed near iconic Pennybacker Bridge

Development plans for The Four Seasons Private Residences will consist of 179 houses, ranging from 1,900 square-foot small living units to 7,000 square-foot units and penthouses. The design also showcases floor plans with multi-directional views to project the beauty of the unique location. In addition, about 1,500 feet of the waterfront will be converted into a public overlook, an idea that was inspired by the popularity of the nearby Pennybacker Bridge overlook, which attracts about 4,000 visitors weekly. 

The  Four Seasons Private Residences Project in Lake Austin also covers the development of a free public parking space as part of the overlook design plan, to help reduce traffic; and a 90-acre area designated as protected parkland, which protects the views  by limiting the building heights on the site. Other amenities to be featured on this lakefront property include a 60,000 Square-foot athletic center, a clubhouse, a spa, a theatre, an indoor garden and a two-story restaurant for residents.  The Senior vice president of residential development for the Four Seasons, Paul White, also mentioned that this lakefront community would provide the residents with 24-hour security and fully staffed amenities.

Four Seasons Private Residences Project in Lake Austin Development team

The development team working on the Four Seasons Private Residences project include Handel Architects LLP and Page Southerland Page Inc, serving as the architects; DBOX, Breckstudio Architecture, and Paris Design heading the design team; Arup Group Ltd, as the project engineers; while sales will be handled by Eric Morland Group which will start at $4 million; and Hines Interest LP will manage the construction and lead the development team.

According to Coon, The Four Seasons Private Residences is expected to break ground by the first quarter of 2023 and the completion date has been scheduled for the later part of 2025. Coon also pointed out that the developers chose to exclude certain aspects which were originally part of the development, including an 80-unit hotel, in order to maximize the customers’ experience and provide more green space. He mentioned that their goal with the project development was to ensure that the customers’ experiences are maximized. Coon said, “Every residence here was designed around two things: privacy and views.”