Gabon: 664 km of new & rehabilitated power lines and substations delivered

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In Gabon, 664 km of new & rehabilitated power lines and substations have been delivered owing to ARISE Infrastructure Services (ARISE IS), a branch of Gabon Special Economic Zone (GSEZ).

GSEZ was started back in 2010 as a joint venture between Olam International Ltd., the government of Republic of Gabon, and Africa Finance Corporation with a mandate to develop infrastructure, enhance industrial competitiveness and build a business-friendly ecosystem in the Central African country.

An overview of the project in question

Initiated 4 years ago, the project was aimed at improving the coverage and the rate of access to electric energy for populations located in rural areas of Gabon.

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It involved the construction of 493 kilometers of medium and 171 kilometers of low voltage power lines in the provinces of Estuaire, Moyen-Ogooue, Ngounié and Woleu-Ntem. It also included the reinforcement of 5 substations and even the addition of generators to the Société d’énergie et d’eau du Gabon (Seeg) supply stations in Mouila, Bitam, Fougamou and Lambarén.

SEEG is a company that fulfills a public service mission that consists of supplying water and electricity to towns and peri-urban areas throughout the Gabonese national territory.

It is 51% owned by the French group Veolia Eau and 49% by the Gabonese state.

Benefits of the project

The new & rehabilitated power lines and substations in Gabon will benefit 118 villages in Kango – Bifoun – Lambaréné – Fougamou – Mouila and Oyem – Bitam – Okouk – Batouri axes, where more than 20,000 Gabonese reside.

Thanks to this initiative, the populations of the areas concerned were also entitled to the rehabilitation of 35 primary schools and public health centers.

Igor Simard, Country Director Arise IS & Arise IIP said that his entity was happy to have contributed to the installation of the 664 km of power lines, thus giving access to electricity in hundreds of villages.