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High-rise buildings in Ghana to attract compulsory insurance cover

The Ghana parliament is set to forward a bill that would require owners of High-rise buildings in the country to pay a compulsory insurance cover in bid to regulate condominiums in the country.

Justice Yaw Ofori, the Commissioner for the National Insurance Commission (NIC) confirmed the reports and said the decision is due to increasing number of high rise building in the country which results risk involved with uninsured high rise buildings is that any disaster such as fire affecting one unit of a building affects the whole building as a whole.

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Compulsory insurance cover bill

The proposed bill will be mandatory for home owners to have in order to protect themselves from negligence from other people living in the apartment. The bill will incorporate additional policies such as insurance for apartments and condominiums in a way that it becomes a law.

“We are reviewing our Act so we are working on the bill right now. We want to forward the bill before the end of the year in order to seek the government’s buy in,” said Mr. Ofori.

Ghana launched its first building Code aimed at regulating activities of the country’s building and construction industry last year. The Ministry of Works and Housing also forwarded a bill to the parliament that seeks to regulate condominium in Ghana and upon passing there will be rules and regulations governing construction of high-rise building.

Mr. Samuel Atta Akyea, the Minister for Works and Housing said that the condominium bill drafted by the Attorney General’s department was in light of the increasing demand for development of high-risk building. He added that implication for shared ownership of common areas, and the maximization of limited space led them to drafting the bill.


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