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Projects to restore water in North Dayi, Ghana underway

Project involving restoration of potable water and mechanization of a borehole in two communities; Vakpo cluster and Tsrukpe-Dukuma, in the North Dayi District of the Volta Region, Ghana are underway.

Mr Daniel Etse, Manager, Vakpo Water Company, under the Community Water and Sanitation Agency (CWSA) confirmed the report and said that both projects are being undertaken by the District Assembly.

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Details of the water projects

The water project involve construction of a new pump, fixing of the two old pumps, replacing the choked pipelines and expanded, together with new standpipes. The new pump is being been built and installed with a 3.7 kilowatt solar panel by Accra-based Jual Group Ghana Limited to power the pump.

Areas set to benef from the project include;  Vakpo-Tsorta, Vakpo-Gborxome, Vakpo-Dunyo, Vakpo-Dutanyigbe and Vakpo-Kpeme. According to Mr Daniel Etse, out of the old 23 stand pipes in the communities, only 10 were functional, causing a far greater percentage of the people to be cut off water supply for years.

“When completed the system would be fully operational, serving the entire Vakpo. There was a 120 cubic meter water reservoir serving the community and that capacity is enough to serve the new project,” said Mr Etse.

The Tsrukpe-Dukuma project on the other hand involves the mechanisation of the Dukuma borehole and distribution of the water to all segments of the community. A concrete stand on the Tsrukpe-Dukuma Mountain to house the reservoir at the distribution point, has been completed, awaiting laying of the distribution pipes to parts of the town.



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