Grangemouth’s Antibody Drug Conjugate manufacturing center construction underway

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Grangemouth’s Antibody Drug Conjugate manufacturing center construction is in the offing following the section of the Northumberland-based Merit Health to carry out the works. Merit health was appointed by Piramal Pharma Solutions which reportedly required a fast-track solution to enhance their manufacturing capabilities quickly.

The Northumberland-based company will deploy its FLEXI POD solution – a hybrid provision of traditional shell and core, and offsite made fit-out that is particularly suited to bigger technical structures like biopharma facilities and hospitals.

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With a 75-80% offsite manufactured value, FLEXI POD also offers benefits in terms of reduction space for the plant as well as services distribution, whilst delivering improved technical and energy performance.

The Grangemouth’s Antibody Drug Conjugate manufacturing centre project

Chief Executive Officer at Merit Health, Tony Wells stated: “We are thrilled to be working on this project, which is a testament that the UK life sciences industry is on a remarkable and swift growth trajectory. We acknowledge that speed and cost-efficiency incorporated with minimized risk and successful ‘right first-time’ validation are important for the timely project of such treatments.

Our offsite offering was created to help these imperatives meaning that critical therapies and products are in production and producing notably quicker than traditional ways of construction can offer. We are also happy to work with the Piramal team to remove scope 1 carbon emissions from the construction design as well as scope 2&3 reduction through off-site manufacturing for resilience as well as productivity.”

Merit began its Health offering in 2020 and since has been selected for several UK-based construction schemes in the sector, including the expansion of the rapid response amenity in Darlington for CPI, a lateral flow production site for Abingdon Health in York, in addition to the UK’s first CAR-T cell manufacturing facility in Stevenage for Autolus Therapeutics.