Groundbreaking for the Green Hydrogen Production Plant in Georgia

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The groundbreaking for Plug Power’s Green Hydrogen Production Plant took place recently in Camden County, Georgia. Plug Power, the leading hydrogen solutions provider and fuel cell maker, plans to invest $84 million for the development of this hydrogen plant.

This Green Hydrogen Production Plant is scheduled for completion by the end of this year and it will be the first green hydrogen supply network to be established in North America, producing up to 15 tons of green liquid hydrogen by using 100% renewable energy and serving customers in the southeastern region of the U.S. The plant will also require the services of at least 24 full-time local employees.

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The company predicts that by 2050, between  500 million tons to 800 million tons of green hydrogen will be used per year and they plan on meeting up to 20% of this global energy demand.

According to the CEO of Plug Power, Andy Marsh, the location of the hydrogen plant was selected in view of the company’s vision and far-reaching plan to offer green hydrogen that is at cost-competitive pricing with fossil fuel energy, to customers seeking to achieve their sustainability goals.

Marsh pointed out that building this green hydrogen production plant was a major investment in Georgia which in turn, is an investment in the consumers and the growth of the future world.

He stated, “Green hydrogen is the environmentally conscious solution companies need and want.”

General manager of energy solutions and chief strategy officer for Plug Power, Sanjay Shrestha, also mentioned that the development of this Green Hydrogen Production Plant in Georgia, represents the company’s strong commitment to the region and its customers.

Shrestha also spoke on the impact of Plug Power’s newest production plant on customer demand and explained that customers were becoming more intent on green hydrogen solutions.

He said,” This Georgia plant is an important step for developing North America’s first force-majeure resilient green hydrogen supply network. This helps Plug Power, our customers and, more importantly, the broader hydrogen economy.”