Implementation of Grid Expansion and Reinforcement Project (GERP) in Uganda well on course

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The implementation of the Grid Expansion and Reinforcement Project (GERP) in Uganda is well underway. Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited (UETCL) has reportedly begun stringing the transmission cables on the 67km Kole-Gulu stretch. This is being carried out as part of the first phase of the project. The GERP is also known as the Kole-Gulu-Nebbi-Arua Transmission Line construction project. 

The Kole-Gulu-Nebbi-Arua Transmission Line construction project aims to set up three new 40MVA substations. The substations will be built at Gulu, Nebbi, and Arua. In addition, the project seeks to develop a 132kV switching station at Kole. Moreover, it aims to establish a 289km 132kV double-circuit transmission line. The line runs from Kole District through Gulu and Nebbi to Arua.

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West Nile region to be connected to the national grid by March 2023

According to Mr. Lawrence Kimbowa, the West Nile region will be connected to the national grid come March 2023. However, the deputy spokesman for UETCL explained that this is if other factors remain constant. 

“UETCL is aware that the West Nile region’s unreliable electricity supply has hindered the development of the economy and industry. UETCL is therefore making every effort to complete the task on time. The substations in Kole, Gulu, Nebbi, and Arua are all currently 70% complete. 

Recently, the four substations’ key pieces of equipment were installed. These equipments include transformers, circuit breakers, and voltage transformers. In addition, they include current transformers, surge arrestors, post insulators, as well as disconnectors. Steel structures have also been delivered to the site.

We are moving quickly to construct the transmission lines that will run through the 289km route,” explained Mr. Kimbowa. 

Noteworthy, the construction of the Nebbi and Arua substations is estimated at Shs2.973 billion. This cost is inclusive of the associated 33kV power line interconnectors from Nebbi and Arua substations. The construction costs of the transmission lines on the other hand is US$ 18.177m (about Shs17.417 billion).

Grid Expansion and Reinforcement Project sensitization and delay

Mr. Joseph Ogwal revealed that UETCL has initiated a broad community sensitization on health and safety issues. The sensitization is meant to inform the locals about what is happening and the safety measures along these transmission corridors. Additionally, the UETCL Principal Environment Officer revealed that they are working with local leaders at all levels to support the activity and secure it in order to prevent vandalism.

The Grid Expansion and Reinforcement Project could have been completed in September this year if it weren’t for the challenges faced by both UETCL and the contractors. The COVID-19 pandemic, according to Mr. Kimbowa, continues to pose a challenge to the project since it has an impact on manufacturing, shipping, and the deployment of project teams.