Indianapolis Int’l Airport moving forward with parking expansion project

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After the COVID-19 outbreak caused a more than two-year delay, plans for a $76.6 million parking garage expansion project at the Indianapolis International Airport are once again moving forward. The board of the Indianapolis Airport Authority approved money for the five-story, 1,500-spot extension near the existing parking structure’s north side in June.

Car rental firms will use about 1,000 of the spaces, with the remaining places reserved for daily or hourly parking. Many rental car agencies are increasing the number of vehicles in their fleets and switching over to more electric ones (the airport separately plans to add chargers to support more EVs). Additionally, the airport is facing a shortage of spaces in the garage, with at least two floors at or near capacity most days of a given week.

Indianapolis Int’l Airport proposed parking design

It will be possible for the garage expansion to blend in with the current building because it will be connected to it and built in a similar style. As a result, it is anticipated that there will be certain disruptions in the current facility, such as the absence of spaces in the area of the building during construction.

The $14.4 million fifth-level roof with solar panels is part of the extension, and it will power the parking garage. The airport already has several electric vehicles available for users, but more are anticipated to be added as part of upcoming renovation initiatives.

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“There are actually two main advantages,” said Jarod Klaas, senior director of planning and development for the airport authority, ding that “our goal to continue to offer a first-rate experience and convenience was a major factor in the decision to take the project forward.”

As part of a master planning effort, Klaas said lengthy discussions on the airport’s parking options are already under process, including if additional garages may be added. The airport’s current parking structure contains 7,100 spaces across five floors, 1,200 of which are reserved for rental vehicle fleets and 5,900 of which are for paid public parking.