Terra Cabins by JA Hatta Fort Hotel in Dubai announced

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The modularly built Terra Cabins by JA Hatta Fort Hotel in Dubai have officially been opened within the Hatta area. The latter is a spectacular retreat location in a relaxing expanse of string mountain territory and gardens.

Terra Cabins strive to provide a hotel-like experience in a low and new-impact, environmentally friendly fashion. They were thus built using cost-effective and, sustainable methods and they also incorporate highly customizable building materials. These materials include natural pine wood that has been treated with a dusk grey wash.

To blend in best with the surrounding Al Hajar Mountains, the development incorporates the creation of façades. Aside from delivering on the environmental front, Terra Cabins by JA Hatta Fort also aim to serve exceptional guest satisfaction. Therefore, its airy architectural design is meant to welcome natural daylight. Additionally, the windows offer scenic, horizon views.

Featured amenities at the Terra Cabins by JA Hatta Fort Hotel in Dubai

The cabin amenities will feature a walk-in rain shower, wardrobe, and an alcove sitting area alongside a mini-bar and multimedia projectors that would be available upon request.

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Visitors will also have the option of choosing between the regular Terra Cabin that accommodates up to four guests. On the other hand, there is the Deluxe Terra Cabin that offers visitors accommodation of up to six visitors. Visitors will also enjoy seclusion accompanied by 24-hour in-room dining services as well s specialty restaurants.

While commenting on the project, General Manager at JA Hatta Fort Hotel revealed that the cabins were complete with a minimal carbon footprint. Additionally, Deborah Thomson, further added that the project’s goal is to align with the environmental movement, further contributing to the UAE’s Vision for 2023.