K?k?li Power Plant in Togo to be commissioned this April ?

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Kékéli Power Plant (Kékéli Efficient Power Thermal Power Plant), developed by Eranove group, (a French company active in the management of public services and in the production of electricity and drinking water in Africa) in the port area of Lome, the capital of Togo, will be commissioned before the end of this April according to Marc Albérola, CEO and Director in the Board of the Eranove Group.

The commissioned ceremony will be marked by the launch of “the first flame” of this power station, the installed capacity of which is 65 MW. The realization of the first flame will open the industrial implementation phase of the first 47 MW unit (open cycle)”, which will operate using SGT-800 gas turbine from Siemens.

The additional commissioning phase of the 18 MW SST-200 steam turbine should crown the success of this project, convert the thermal plant into a combined-cycle plant and bring the plant’s annual production to around 526GWh.

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Project Development

As a reminder, a 25-year concession agreement was signed in October 2018 between the government of the West African country and the pan-African group Eranove, represented by Marc Dèdèriwè Ably-Bidamon, the then Togo’s minister of mines and energy, and Marc Alberola, Eranove’s CEO, respectively, allowing the implementation of the project.

A year later, the financing agreements were concluded followed by the closing of the financing in July 2020 owing to Oragroup and the West African Development Bank (BOAD). This was the first time in the region that such financing had been provided by the African financial institutions in such a large proportion (70%) and with such an innovative guarantee mechanism.

According to local authorities, the plant will boost the country’s output and help it reach energy independence by 2030.