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Construction of a new Cardiothoracic Centre for Tenwek Hospital, Kenya

A new Cardiothoracic Centre is set for construction for Tenwek Hospital, which is a Christian mission hospital located in the southwest part of Kenya in Bomet County. The facility will be constructed about 300m west of the main Tenwek Hospital campus.

The proposed Cardiothoracic Centre development is designed by Triad Architects, a leader in Architecture, Interior Design and Project Management in Africa, in collaboration with Health Facilities Group, LLC, a medium-sized regional Healthcare Architecture and Planning firm that serves rural and regional healthcare facilities throughout the Midwest.

An overview of the layout of the project from the inside

The new ultramodern center will provide a 176 bed-self-contained surgical center within a 4-storey building. The building is equipped with spaces and facilities such as examination rooms, pharmacy, lab, blood bank, CT and X-ray machines, endoscopy suite, recovery room, training center, conference hall, offices, heart surgery suite, preoperative holding area, and a post-anesthesia care center and the general wards accommodating 80 patient beds.

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The patient wards are designed to provide a healing environment through large floor to ceiling windows that offer soothing picturesque views of the undulating green hills beyond Tenwek valley.

An overview of the layout of the project from the outside

From the outside, the structure is composed of interlinked blocks connected through a central core with 3 hospital lifts and a W-shaped ramp and staircases. The conspicuous hospital chapel is defined by two thick curved concrete that mimics a candle flame when interior lights are on at night. This concrete runs through all floors and its design is inspired by the metaphor of Christ being the light of the world.

Designed for both outpatients and inpatients, the new Cardiothoracic Centre construction is scheduled to commence early next year.

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