Stalled Kenya’s SGR project costing taxpayers millions

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A Chinese company involved in the construction of Kenya’s standard gauge railway line(SGR) Road and Bridge Cooperation (CRBC) has said that the stalling of a section of Kenya’s standard gauge railway is costing Kenyan taxpayers dearly.

Speaking during a court case at a Mombasa case, CRBC official Ndegwa Wamuti who was representing the corporation said it is high time the court gave them a green light so that they can be able to deliver the project on time.

The Expenses of running the sites and equipment charges which are not in operation are being met by the tax payers, said Cecil Miller representing Kenya Railway Corporation(KRC)

Ndegwa Wamuti who is the lawyer representing CRBC since the project stalled they have inqured time loss and they have been paying the workers they hired who are not doing anything and hence extra months means they will be able to spend more of the tax payers money.

The project stalled after the court gave an injunction about a month ago after African Gas and Oil Company Ltd and Miritini Free Port Ltd had moved to  Court to halt the construction of a section of the SGR until hearing and determination of their compensation suit.

  • The two companies said they had not been paid Sh519 million awarded to it by the National Land Commission for running the project on its land.

The company had stopped the construction of the government’s mega project until it is paid.

Though earlier in July Lady Justice Anne Omollo ordered the government to compensate the two companies Sh1 billion.

Lady Justice Anne Omollo had ordered that a section of the construction work should stop until the government compensate the company.