Keturah Reserve luxury residential development launched in Meydan, Dubai

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The leading real estate developer in the United Arab Emirates, MAG, has officially announced the launch of the Keturah Reserve project.

The brand-new $820 million luxury residential development is located within one of Dubai’s most sought-after residential areas, Meydan. It aims to offer transformational living through the design and arrangement of space.

Features and amenities of the Keturah Reserve development

The development will include elegant villas alongside one, two, three, and four-bedroom apartments. In addition, it will feature amenities such as an outdoor pool, expansive communal spaces as well as restaurants and spas.

Moreover, the luxury residential development will feature men’s and women’s gyms to further support the development of the body’s core. Essentially, the gyms will also facilitate and improve the circulation of the inner Qi.

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Furthermore, the Keturah Reserve development features restaurants that will specifically focus on non-processed organic foods that enhance as well as embraces a healthy lifestyle. The project will also include a diverse range of healthcare facilities such as a herbalist store, a homeopathic cline, and a pharmacy.

Keturah Reserve to adopt the ‘Bio Living’ concept

The development will be the first-ever residential development within the Middle East to adopt the ‘Bio Living’ concept.

It will fully incorporate nature into the built environment, to improve the mental, emotional, and physical health of its occupants. As a result, residents of the luxury development are not only immersed in nature but also encouraged to live healthier lifestyles.

Drawing inspiration from the ‘from inside out’ concept, the Keturah Reserve Project aims to curate a space where residents can tend to their inner selves. Thus, at the heart of the development is The Park, a lushly landscaped space.

The 300,000 square feet park is specifically for, residents who need to recharge and relax as well as for socializing.