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KPA to Run Dry Tests on Kipevu Oil Terminal in December 2021

Kenya Ports Authority (KPA), the state corporation responsible for the maintenance, operation, improvement, and regulation of all scheduled seaports on the Indian Ocean coastline of Kenya has announced its plans to run dry tests on Kipevu Oil Terminal, which is currently 96% complete in December this year.

Just a reminder, the ports authority is the company that will take over the new terminal from the contractors immediately after construction, and run it before handing it over to Kenya Pipeline Company (KPC), the state corporation responsible for the transportation, storing and delivering petroleum products to the consumers of the East African Country by its pipeline system and oil depot network.

Overview of the Kipevu Oil Terminal

The construction of the Kipevu Oil Terminal began back in 2019. According to John Mwangemi, the acting KPA managing director the project has so far made significant progress and upon completion, by the end of this year, the site shall have four new berths capable of docking four vessels (three petroleum and one LPG) with a deadweight tonnage of 200,000 at a time.

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The contractors have already laid down four sub-sea pipelines that will be used to connect the on-water terminal to storage facilities on the land, and the KPC pipeline network that moves products to its storage facilities in the country and Oil Marketing Companies’ terminals.

The new facility will have the capacity to handle crude oil, heavy fuel oil, and three types of white oil products i.e. DPK-aviation fuel, AGO-Diesel, and PMS-Petrol.

Plans to construct LPG bulk storage facility at the site

Reportedly, KPC is currently in talks with Kenya’s Ministry of Energy and Petroleum to put up a dedicated Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) bulk storage facility with an initial capacity of 25,000 tonnes.

The tender for the construction of the said facility should be ready in the next two to three months, according to the company’s general manager of infrastructure development, David Muriuki.

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